2024 Annual AI & ME Report

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AI & ME in Bulgaria /Market Research Survey/ 

Help us map out the Bulgarian AI & ME ecosystem in our upcoming report dedicated to the trends in the country when it comes to artificial intelligence and microelectronics!

If you'd like to gain additional visibility for your company or activities in the report and the Bulgarian tech ecosystem, do not hesitate to join our Survey!

The Annual AI Report of the AI Cluster Bulgaria is the official mapping of the Bulgarian AI & ME ecosystem and serves as a source of information for national and European politicians, decision-makers, investors, entrepreneurs and media.

The report is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2024. It will focus on the development of Artificial Intelligence in Bulgaria, with a dedicated section related to Microelectronics, where our partner will be the Cluster for Microelectronics and Industrial Electronic Systems (CMIES). We aim to survey Bulgaria's AI & Microelectronics ecosystem while analyzing the country's strengths and future possibilities. The report is supported by Invest Sofia.

The Survey should take no more than 15 minutes, and your answers will be kept strictly confidential. The final deadline for submissions is February 1, 2024.

Link to the Survey bellow:

Изкуствен Интелект BG: https://forms.gle/pfzdx7Bre76fyGM38 

Artificial Intelligence EN: https://forms.gle/27xxfgBorKbkfgFS8

Микроелектроника - BG: https://forms.gle/WK1ri4xoYXRXVCrY6 

Microeletronic - EN: https://forms.gle/mk8YfwZTEgYMYkY27 


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The print version of this report will be distributed among our key partners from Bulgaria and abroad across various events in AI and other contextual industries. The digital copy will reach subscribers and social media followers of AI Cluster Bulgaria’s national and international partnership network, including European AI Forum members.

The report will also be e-mailed directly to all AI Cluster Bulgaria contact databases, subscribers, and strategic partners.

Through our sponsorship opportunities, you can achieve international exposure and extensive Bulgarian coverage by becoming a part of this report or any upcoming ones. Get in touch to learn more about the different advertising packages we offer.

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